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Portable Richter hardness tester TLS-101,TLS-102

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Portable hardness tester is a multifunctional hardness measuring instrument,that manufactured by our company. All English or Chinese display, menu operation is simple and convenient . This machine is portable, can directly display all kinds of hardness values, such as Brinell, Rockwell, Vivtorinox, Shaw and so on. The instrument is compact, portable, high reliability, suitable for harsh operating environment, anti-vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.
It has three calibration functions: Vivtorinox,, Rockwell and Brinell.
Main functions:
1. According to the principle of portable hardness measurement, a variety of metal materials can be tested, and the measured values are accurate and stable.
2. It can instantly display the hardness measurement value and facilitate the free conversion between different hardness standards.
3. It can set tolerance limits in advance, automatically alarm in excess of range, and facilitate users to batch test.
4. Automatically identify the type of impact device, and do not need to recalibrate.
5. Large screen LCD display, menu operation, rich and intuitive information.
6. High brightness LED backlight, easy to use in light and dark environment.
7. Low power design: automatic sleep, automatic shutdown and other energy saving functions.
8. Ordinary alkaline batteries are powered, standby time is 150 hours.

Applicable materials:
Steel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, gray iron, ductile iron, cast aluminum alloy, copper-zinc alloy (brass), copper-tin alloy (bronze), pure copper, forged steel.
Application area:
● Bearings and other parts, heavy workpieces, metal material warehouse material distinction, pressure vessels, turbogenerator units and their equipment failure analysis;
● Installed mechanical or permanent assemblies, workpieces with very limited test space, requiring regular original records of test results;
● Rapid inspection of large parts within a wide range of measuring locations.

Technical parameter:
  TLS-101 TLS-102
Indication error ±6HLD(HLD=760) ±6HLD(HLD=760)
Repeatability of indication 6HLD(HLD=760) 6HLD(HLD=760)
Test direction 360° 360°
Recognizable impact device D(Not to be plugged in) D、G、C、DL、DC、D+15
PC  communication No Yes
Outer size 129×68×25mm 129×68×25mm
weight 230g 240g
Standard configuration Main machine, D type impact device, HRC standard hardness block. Main machine, D type impact device, HRC standard hardness block, nylon brush and supporting ring.
Optional Nylon brush and support ring Special-shaped support ring, special impact device, standard hardness block, communication software

Optional impact device   

 pivot ring:          



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