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TF30 precise colorimeter

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   Precision colorimeter TF30 is a professional  instrument which has passed the national measurement SCM certification,according to the relevant standards of CIE and national standards. The colorimeter adopts new imported key components and is carefully designed. It has the characteristics of accuracy, stability, simple operation, easy to learn and understand, and economy.  
   The colorimeter is suitable for color quality control, color difference control, color difference analysis, sample inspection, production on-line testing, and auxiliary color matching of injection, ink, paint and spraying, etc. in plastics, surface treatment, paint, printing, toys, clothing, building materials, rubber, leather, glass, household appliances and printing and dyeing industries.
Product advantage: 
1, the unique stability of the full color space measurement (i.e. repeatability precision) technology, TF30 domestic optimal repeatability accuracy E < 0.05;
2. The fastest measurement speed in China is 0.5s.
3, the exclusive patented whiteboard automatic correction technology ensures the precision of the instrument and simplifies the operation of the user.
4. The design of the tapered measuring port is convenient for visual positioning and also for measuring the sunken surface.
5. The most intuitive, fast and simple operation interface of color difference meter in China: using page-style, graphical operation interface design, easy to learn and use
Type TF-30
display mode CIE L*a*b*,CIE L*c*h*
colour-difference formula △E*ab
Lighting conditions CIE Recommend method: 8°/d
light source LED blue light excitation
sensor Photodiode array
Measuring caliber Φ4mm/Φ8mm/Φ16mm Optional
Measurement conditions Observer:CIE 10° standard observer
Light source:D50 D65 F11(TL84)
Light mode:SCI SCE
Measurement range L:0 to100
Repeatability △E<0.05(30 times the average deviation of the whiteboard)
Difference between instruments △E<0.2
Measurement interval 0.5 second
Data storage capacity 100 storage standard with 20000 storage samples
Language mode Simplified Chinese and English
battery level A lithium battery can be measured 5000 times after it is full of electricit
Bulb life More than 1 million 600 thousand measurements in 5 years
Display TFT True color display 2.8inch@(16:9) resolution 400x240
External communication interface USB2.0(USB-B) RS-232: baud rate 115200bps
Operating temperature range 0°C~40°C (32°F~104°F)
Storage temperature range -20°C~50°C (-4°F~122°F)
Humidity range Relative humidity is less than 85% without condensation
weight 700g
size 199x68x90 mm
Outer packing size 400x240x340 mm
Standard appendage
3000mAH lithium battery power adapter USB data line, CD (color analysis system software)
Instruction, warranty card
Optional Accessories Micro printer, powder test box, liquid test componen

4mm caliber
It is a performance precision colorimeter specially designed for special surface measurement with small area and arc surface. It is very convenient for users to detect the color quality of small parts, small parts and arc surface
for example: 
Color detection of 20mm diameter bar shaped plastic products;
The color detection of the surface of the senior glass bottle;
Ceramic devices with convex and concave surfaces in security facilities.
The color detection of the above products is done easily and quickly with the help of 4mm version of TF30.

8mm caliber
It is a universal color difference instrument. It takes into account the general methods and habits of color detection in all walks of life. It also takes into account the requirements for measuring the size of a variety of materials in measurement. The 8mm calibre version of the TF30 precision chromimeter provides great convenience and reliability for the industry and cross industry color communication for all walks of life because of its generality and its poor inter platform and measurement stability。
16mm caliber
If an object is to be measured in a texture, a point, or a strong particle on the surface of the object, or the size of the measured object is larger, or the object is softened and popped out, this time can be measured with a 16mm calibrated colorimeter.
In particular, if the surface of the object is wet, in order to protect the inside of the instrument is not contaminated, the measurement aperture should be selected as the 16mm measuring calibre with glass protector.
The advantage of measuring with a large aperture is that the measurement of the surface, such as texture and point, is more consistent each time, which is the result of the small calibre

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